Search Engine Optimisation – we can help people find you…

For most on-line businesses, good performance in search results is an important factor. Optimisation of web site pages for good search engine performance starts at the design and build stage, although work can be done (and is on a regular basis) to make improvements for an existing site. If you have a site and are disappointed with it’s current search position then contact us – we can review the site and make recommendations for improvement.

You may be adding new products or services to your business, targeting new markets, or trying to improve your share of existing markets. Improving your position in search engine results WILL generate more enquiries and attract more customers.

We can set up and manage a longer term strategy for ongoing measurement, management, targeting and improvement of your sites position in ‘organic’ search results, or set up and manage targeted paid advertising campaigns for more immediate results. Please contact us to discuss your requirements with no obligation.

At WILD LIZARD WEB DESIGN we work with our clients to understand what they actually need, and provide the right solution with a high level of expertise, professionalism, confidentiality and attention to detail.

We can set up and manage an SEO strategy specifically designed to meet your personal or business needs now and into the future.

For further information or to discuss your requirements with no obligation, please contact us. References can be provided on request.

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