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Web Design

We carefully design and build our sites from scratch - we do not use templates (unless this is specifically requested by the customer) or WYSIWYG web site builder software. This means that we fully understand our code, what it does and how to change it if it needs to be changed.

Many customers just want a simple site displaying information, pictures and contact details for themselves, their organisation or their business. This provides a good starting point and the site can always be expanded later.

Others need to include enquiry forms, customised location maps, picture galleries, password-protected site areas, file upload facilities, stock listings, shopping carts and a whole host of other elements.

We can provide whatever you need and will always work with you to provide the best solution for your budget.

We can also provide ongoing support, maintenance and update services either on an ad-hoc or contracted basis.

We use a range of standards-compliant technologies which are fully compatible across ALL web browsers:

  • XHTML 1.0 for content
  • CSS for presentation and styling
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Adobe Flash
  • Adobe Photoshop for image manipulation and presentation

Custom Applications

If you need something specific on your site that is a little more involved then feel free to contact us. We can usually advise (and advice is always free!) on most areas of web applications and can often construct something specific for you if necessary.

Bulletin Boards/Forums

Do you want to set up a bulletin board or on-line forum, or add one into your existing site? We can provide a solution which YOU can manage and maintain and customise the look to suit your needs.

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Contact us for further details.


It may be time to move on from just showing your products on line to selling them on line. Whether you need to set up simple PayPal facilities, a customised shopping cart function or a fully-functional shop with credit card payment facilities we can help you find the right solution for your business.

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Wild Lizard eShop Image 2Wild Lizard eShop Image 2 Wild Lizard eShop ImageWild Lizard eShop Image

Contact us to discuss your requirements in detail.

Static & Dynamic Content
Customers often ask about the difference between Static, Dynamic and Interactive web site content.

Static pages provide text, photos and other content which is 'hard-coded' into the pages. All visitors will see the same content and if changes are required the original code needs to be modified.

Dynamic content can include 'moving' elements - banners, Flash menus, slideshows - and page content which is automatically updated from external files (picture galleries may use this to ensure that the latest uploaded images are displayed in the page).

Interactive features such as Google maps and calenders take user actions and make something happen.
Fixed Width or Floating?
When you visit web sites you'll see some that sit clearly in the middle of the page with a clear border on the left and right - these are 'fixed width'. Others seem to fill the whole width of the page whatever size your browser window is changed to - these are 'floating width'.

Which you choose is very much a personal preference.

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